Scratched Paint Repairs

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We offer plastic bumper & metal panel repairs.  There are many ways a plastic bumper can be damaged. We are able to repair torn,
punctured and even textured bumpers. All repairs can be brought back to
original factory condition.
We also can repair those paint chips and paint scratches on the rest of your vehicle.

Professional paint touch-up is the preferred alternative to expensive body shop repairs or other methods.  The biggest difference between a professional that performs touch-up paint  & scratch repair and a traditional body shop is the amount of time needed to do the repair.  With a touch-up system, only ounces of paint are needed, so that’s the amount mixed, rather than the traditional amounts made up in your local body shop.

Paint scratches/scratched paint can be repaired and you don’t have to let someone have your car for hours. Our process is environmentally friendly because your plastic bumper cover doesn’t end up in the landfill.
Our method is also LESS EXPENSIVE.

Only One Business is allowed on this city’s page of WeFixScratches.com.  If you do scratch repairs you can be the only business listed.

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